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Morphing Bodies

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Morphing Bodies




Copenhagen, Denmark


Wednesday 25th of August 2021


17:00 to 00:00

Morphing Bodies is an audio-visual performance combining playfully mixed electronic music, with large scale visual projections. Specifically designed for the ever-morphing inflatable venue — Menue — the performance will immerse the mind and body into a unified flow of energy. The performance is split into two acts, each containing 3 chapters, in which B612 will shift between playing live projections and weaving melodies together on the decks.

The chapters are titled as follows:
Chapter 1 - Atmospheric Atoms
Chapter 2 - Distant Voices
Chapter 3 - Running into the Retina

Chapter 4 - Triboelectric Charging
Chapter 5 - Morphic Resonance
Chapter 6 - Rich in Serotonin

We are very grateful that Casper Preisler will be warming up the evening with some laid-back lounge house, so remember to get here at 17:00 to enjoy some pre-performance drinks in the sun.

B612 is an international artist and DJ collective focusing on creating meaningful and fully immersive experiences. The group will be represented by three members, currently based in Copenhagen:

Martynas Seskas is a visual artist working with generative and interactive media. He explores the boundaries of technology and art, and his interests lie in creating dynamic, intellectually exciting, and responsive environments that stimulate critical inquiry into issues of sustainability, human behavior and collectivism. For this show, Martynas has prepared immersive abstract visuals and vibrant downtempo sounds to go with it — both, for your mind, and your body.

Olivia Brix is a versatile artist bridging performance with the audiovisual. Bodily poetry and experimental filming will be morphed and manipulated, inspired by circular shapes of movement and kinetic energy stemming from her background as a performer. Through exploration of form and shape, Olivia plays on the notion of the interconnectedness of all things. She will be starting off the night with an immersive ambient set that will orbit you to another dimension, followed by synth and beats that invites for release.

Lukas Keysell is a creator of many things. His creativity isn’t bound to one medium — he explores many artistic outputs for each individual project. For this occasion, Lukas will be displaying his explorations of form, which usually exist as painted strokes on canvas, however will be shown as full-flowing animations, following a single-width line on a journey of explosions and morphing evolutions. When on the decks, Lukas will be mixing melodies, synths, and beats from outer space — to guide you into space.

Entry Before 19:30: Free!
Entry After 19:30: 50 DKK

There are no presale tickets available. We will only accept MobilePay on the door.
When: Wednesday 25th August
Where: Menue, Refshalevej 167X
Look out for a big white inflatable bubble near Reffen Street Food and Copenhagen Contemporary.