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Year 22 Presents "That Special Method Of Prayer"

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Year 22 Presents "That Special Method Of Prayer"


Menue and Year 22


Copenhagen, Denmark


Thursday 15th of July 2021


19:30 to 23:59


80 DKK

Year 22 Presents "That Special Method Of Prayer"

A summer evening of deep introspection, romantic ambience and noise out by the water at Refshaleøen.

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Andreas Tofteberg (DK)

Andreas Buchhave Tofteberg's work is based on anthropology, mainly about the consequences of politics, portrayed with regard to individuals. Andreas is a composer, performance and sound artist whose expressions are primarily auditory.

On his debut release “A Glove Knitted With Human Hair”, paradoxical ontological phenomena, a Western control society in relation to, among other things, isolated island communities and lucrative organizations, are examined.
This practice is used to recontextualize political conditions and necessities in individuals in order to illuminate concepts of consciousness, as well as mental disorders.

Listen here:

Karl Heding (DK/BR)

By combining softwares such as SuperCollider and Ableton together with analogue synthesizers, he designs his own systems to perform his compositions.

The music he prepared for this evening stems from an attempt at creating a novel digital collection of rhythms and patterns based on those commonly found in Sambas-Enredo.
The rhythms he crafted out of that exploration will be dancing around a large clay cauldron, simmering a stew smelling of church hymns and harmonies with synth like textures.

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Malwina Migacz (DK/PL)

Migacz’s artistic and sound work focuses on the relationship between dominance and control and the ferocity that escapes through its cracks. Her soundscapes and compositions explore our place as human beings in the many systems we surround ourselves with – social, political, cultural – and the dominance we consistently try to establish in our environments; man versus nature.

Migacz excavates Western culture from her distinctive perspective of having been born in Poland during the last part of the communist rule. Through picture and sound installations she strives to create a space of dissonant interaction that in itself dreams up new frontiers in existing rationality.

Migacz has played on stages such as Mayhem and has numerous performances behind her in connection with her own exhibitions at places such as Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nikolaj Kunsthal, OK Corall, Years, New Shalter Plan, and different festivals both in Denmark and abroad.

Listen here:

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Coronapas is required to get into the event.

80 dkk MobilePay

Doors open: 19:30
Concert starts: 20:30

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