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BLAD presents John Moods & Martha Elisabeth

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BLAD presents John Moods & Martha Elisabeth




Copenhagen, Denmark


Saturday 11th of September 2021


17:00 to 23:59



For the final BLAD night at Menue we are so proud and happy to announce this truly magical night in the white tent with two of our favourite artists at the moment; John Moods and Martha Elisabeth.

John Moods (DE)
Flying in from Germany is our dear friend John Moods, whose debut album The Essential John Moods has been playing all summer at the BLAD office after we saw him perform a couple of months ago at Manna in Pumpehusets Byhave. John Moods is the solo music project of Berlin native Jonathan J. (co-founder of the band Fenster). At the heart of these tenderly crafted pop songs is a desire to get up close and personal with nature and the infinite.

Martha Elisabeth (DK)
One of the newest members of the BLAD family, Martha Elisabeth will perform her debut EP “LUCY” for the first time live with a full band. The concert will be curated in collaboration with director and performer Nikolaj Von Salzwedell. On this night she will give us all a peek into the world of LUCY, which is the title and main character of her new ep. LUCY is poetry. LUCY is music. LUCY is movement. LUCY is Martha Elisabeth. The experimental pop compositions of Martha Elisabeth are at the same time a homage to simple and to the complex. Her text universe often moves with a carefully constructed balance between pain and love.