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moon ceremony – new moon energy – set intentions for this lunar phase – session 2/5

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moon ceremony – new moon energy – set intentions for this lunar phase – session 2/5




Copenhagen, Denmark


Tuesday 7th of September 2021


19:00 to 21:00



🌑 Gather moon sisters in true lunacy. Celebrate the emotional, impulsive, creative, intuitive womb energy under the rays of the moon. Use the phases of the moon to mirror your own personal life leadership. Just like the moon we go through phases like beginning, creating momentum, letting go. At these moon ceremonies we let the particular phase of the moon cast light on our own personal processes in that moment.
At this new moon we reset and start again. After letting go of unneeded energies at the previous ceremony, we set intention in clean slate vibes.
• Open circle sister sharing
• Tuning into your chakras specifically your moon hara chakra
• Surrender rituals
• Eye-gazing
• Journaling
• Whatever comes up ☯️
You are invited to bring water and a journal – this could be a dedicated lunar journal. If you have a sacred object, you can bring it for your own or shared alter. Wearing loose clothes might make it comfortable for you.
Spots in the circle:
9 souls.
55 DKK per circle and 222 for all five. If you would like to join but are economically challenged, please make contact, and we’ll work it out.
Secure your spot:
With the full amount via a mobile pay transfer to 2062 0497.