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A Sound Bath w/Anders Rhedin

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A Sound Bath w/Anders Rhedin




Copenhagen, Denmark


Sunday 5th of September 2021


15:00 to 16:00


110 DKK

We are inviting you into a late summer concert experience, a soothing and immersive Sound Bath with Anders Rhedin.

A sound bath is a concert-experience designed to instantly melt away stress and create mental focus. It’s part concert, part meditation. The participants lie down on mats for one hour, with their eyes closed, and are guided through a soothing soundscape of relaxing frequencies.

The Sound Bath is performed by Anders Rhedin, an experienced composer and musician with a great number of international releases and award winning compositions. He has performed at art museums such as Arquipélago Arts Center in Portugal or Thorvaldsen’s Museum in Copenhagen.

The concerts will be performed at Menue, in a tent that was created in 2017 by Spanish architects "Espacio La Nube". The tent is kept up with air alone, and is an architectural research project - exploring the generation of dreamlike and sensory spaces.

The concert will of course be subject to Covid-19 restrictions, and there are therefore a very limited number of tickets and pre-sales only.

Get your ticket through the link, and bring your own yoga mat!