Blue Lake and Halvcirkel/Anders Lauge Meldgaard live at Koncertkirken

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Blue Lake and Halvcirkel/Anders Lauge Meldgaard live at Koncertkirken


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 2nd of December 2022


19:00 to 22:00


100 DKK

Please join us at Koncertkirken for 2 concerts of new music by Halvcirkel & Anders Lauge Meldgaard, as well as Blue Lake performing as a 5-piece band.

Kasper Vang will DJ from 19:00, where there will be an open bar. Concerts will be at 20:00 (Blue Lake) and 21:00 Anders Lauge Meldgaard & Halvcirkel.

Meldgaard and string quartet Halvcirkel have recently collaborated on the LP "Fragment 94", but for this evening the ensamble features strings and Meldgaard's New Ondomo (Ondes Martenot). At Koncertkirken, Halvcirkel will perform as a trio, together with Meldgaard on New Ondomo, an unusual keyboard instrument that allows for bending notes and manipulating the sound.

Blue Lake is Jason Dungan's project for solo music and collaborations, based around guitar and a self-built zither. At Koncertkirken, Blue Lake will perform as a full band, featuring Tomo Jacobson on contrabass, Carolyn Goodwin on clarinets, Oliver Laumann on percussion, and Pauline Hogstrand on viola.

Bonus information: Both of these two groups have been nominated for a Danish Music Award Jazz 2022! So come and check them out :)

DJ: Kasper Vang

Concert is 100kr / 80kr students



Supported by Københavns Kommune and Jazzdanmark