No Technique: Marijke Florien+Emil Duvier+Mads Kinnerup+Kristin Wichstrøm (visuals) // 48 TIMER

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No Technique: Marijke Florien+Emil Duvier+Mads Kinnerup+Kristin Wichstrøm (visuals) // 48 TIMER


Saturday 14th of May 2022


20:00 to 23:00


50 - 100 DKK

No Technique presents a night with three solo act's + visuals as part of 48 TIMER FESTIVAL at KoncertKirken
door 19.30
music + visuals 20
Marijke Florien (BE)
Mads Kinnerup
Emil Duvier
Kristin Wichstrøm (visuals)
Entré 100kr
Students 50kr
TICKETS: https://billetto.dk/e/no-technique-marijke-florien-emil-duvier-mads-kinnerup-kristin-wichstrom-billetter-632890

- Marijke Florien

Marijke is a Belgian singer & producer who has taken root in Copenhagen. Her music is an equilibrist mixture of experimental pop and electronica.

Her debut album `Anætomy´ will be out through No Technique this spring.
Anatomy is a personal and abstract journey through the human body. It consists of nine songs, each representing a particular idea; a feeling or philosophy, associated with a body part. With this album, Marijke invites the listener to reconnect with their own body and mind.

- Emil Duvier

We strive
To overcome the noise
the appreciation of these people in a crowd;
to change directions midair
we are a product of our thoughts

Copenhagen based producer, singer & songwriter Emil Duvier plays a heady blend of art-rock & electronica. Oscillating in a spectrum of influences and directions - carried out by Emil’s sensitive voice.
For this concert, Emil will deconstruct his sings into a solo-set consisting of vocals, piano, modularsynths and drum machine.

- Mads Kinnerup

“This is not music in parallel. This is music in series.”

Mads Kinnerup's music is cool, minimal, repetitive, yet complex.
Kinnerup's develops his own software and build hardware tools for inquiring sonic landscapes. With a background in electronic experimental music and IDM, he is interested in pushing the boundaries of how music can be performed and produced in new original ways. This concert will be performed using modularsystems, created to act freely and improvised.

- Kristin Wichstrøm (she/her)
is a visual artist who works with imagery, light and space. Her work is often seen within the realm of set design, large-scale installations, and audiovisual performances.
Through explorations of light and imagery, Wichstrøm delves into how this can resonate with or form a relationship to sound. Her work is concerned with body and perception, space and time – in the mixture between physical and digital spaces.

Organised by No Technique and KoncertKirken.

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