K!ART: the eternal clock has stopped and awaits its moment

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K!ART: the eternal clock has stopped and awaits its moment


Copenhagen, Denmark




Wednesday 20th of September 2023


19:30 to 23:00

Experience an evening of solo percussion music with widely celebrated solo percussionist Hsiao-Tung Yuan, performer with Ensemble K!ART since 2020.

Percussion can be anything. In this concert, Hsiao will present works focused on theatrical performance, body movements, marimba, and instruments with electronics. Experience amongst others François Sarhan’s body-percussion masterpiece, Nina Fukuoka’s virtuosic marimba solo and Casey Cangelosi tongue-in-cheek piece for snare drum and metronome. Two of the compositions on the program have also been commissioned by Hsiao Solo Project: Piles, piles, piles by Emil Vijgen, and the evening’s premiere: the eternal clock has stopped and awaits its moment by Joss Smith. In it ghostly music for marimba is combined with electronically manipulated sounds of rain. The marimba metaphorically becomes an altar, activated as an instrument through a series of choreographed musical actions that create a distorted space of stillness and introspection.


François Sarhan: Home Work (2008-2011) - for solo body percussion
Nina Fukuoka: Belgian rare groove & breakbeat (2015) - for marimba and electronics
Casey Cangelosi: Sleight of And Evil Hand (2013) - for solo snare drum and bell metronome
Emil Vijgen: Piles, piles, piles (2022-2023)
Joss Smith: the eternal clock has stopped and awaits its moment (2023) - for solo marimba and electronics *premiere

The work by Joss Smith was commissioned with support from KODA/Dansk Komponist Forening.

K!ART is an experimental music ensemble and creative platform based in Copenhagen. The group has been presenting DIY-flavored, intermedial music events since 2019. K!ART’s 2023 concert series is made possible with support from Det Obelske Familiefond, Knud Højgaards Fond, William Demant Fonden, Statens Kunstfond, KODA/Dansk Komponist Forening, Louis-Hansens Fond & Københavns Kommunes Musikudvalg.

Picture by Tobias Nicolai.