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Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 02) — Crisco hosts: Fatäk [Subetē]

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Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 02) — Crisco hosts: Fatäk [Subetē]


Thursday 27th of January


19:00 to 21:00



Merchant Radio presents
Rødgrød med fløde
Hosted by Crisco

end of every month
Proton Records

Thu 27 Jan

Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 02) — Crisco hosts: Fatäk [Subetē]

Fatäk - aka Leila Bélangeon - is a multi-faceted artist, artistic director and event manager.
DJ, producer, composer, singer, she explores different musical currents to travel through eclectic grooves and soundscapes. Her last releases on Janushoved introduced her more deeply to the Danish scene.
Coming from Paris, she has been artistic director and event manager at Blocaus, Big Brothers, Parkingstone, Champ Libre Club, Dement3d Label etc.
She opened an artistic door this summer in Copenhagen with her new concept Vibrant Matter in collaboration with Elena Biner - produced by her agency Subetē.
Also known as Lueurs Nocturnes with Lucie Curé, opera singer, she explores a contemporary terrain of her own, filled with emotional waves and shamanic rhythms that transport you into new soundscapes.


‘ABSENCE’ by Lueurs Nocturnes [digital premiere]
short movie

A spoken voice evokes images, symbols related to "energy currents" created between body/mind/reality and the world of the invisible - which the absence is a part.
A "light" can be felt in the chest, the presence of the absent can be compared to it.
The divine dimension of the living world is symbolised here by the link between nature and sunlight. This journey leads to a recurring request: the will to unite thanks to light and its bearers. This hopeful and obsessional invocation seems to be provided by the lack and the desire for reunification. This quest is revealed in Sesto’s opera aria “Parto, parto” from la Clemenza di Tito by Mozart.
Craving for a last look, willing to accomplish a departure in peace, this character sings his despair to his beloved one.
In a surrealistic Cocteau poetry kind of touch, everything seems so clear and so confusing at the same time.
Like facing Absence.
Therefore history is not processed but is undone to become an experience of sensations. The Absence takes place in a sensitivity where there are no more boundaries, into the unknown.
Absence is a tribute to wandering souls looking for new territories, an Ode to the celebration of moments elapsed in harmony and chaos where centre and periphery are abolished. Like a prayer, this internal and human ritornello translates the desire for the union of "lights" between here and the world beyond.


1900 - 2000

2000 - 2030

‘ABSENCE’ by Lueurs Nocturnes [digital premiere]

2030 - END

Moirae Moirae


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