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Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 04) — Crisco hosts: Hôy La | Sofie Birch & Myggen [NESM / interCourse]

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Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 04) — Crisco hosts: Hôy La | Sofie Birch & Myggen [NESM / interCourse]


Copenhagen, Denmark




Tuesday 26th of April


16:00 to 20:00



Merchant Radio presents
Rødgrød med fløde
Hosted by Crisco
end of every month
Proton Records

Tue 26 Apr
Rødgrød med fløde (Episode 04) — Crisco hosts: Hôy La | Sofie Birch & Myggen [NESM / interCourse]
Hôy La
Ingri Høyland is Hôy La. A musical project that is best understood as the performance of a translation from the apparently internal experiences of anguish, anger, and vulnerability, into the sonics that reveal—even as each individual refracts them differently—how widely shared these feelings are. Like all translations, Hôy La fails in doing this directly. But, like all good translations, this apparent failure is the spark of invention from which artistry unfurls. Hôy La investigates the tensions of a world that individualizes psychic pain by setting them against the release of an icy calm that holds this darkness in stasis for a moment, allowing us to glimpse this suffering’s genealogy, before being overcome once more. Høyland refers to her own experiences with sleep paralysis, and the feeling of demonic capture that accompanies it, as both an eternity of panic-inducing entrapment but also as a moment when the passage from the internal to external world becomes more porous. It’s in these moments of porousness that through dissonance and resolution, through repetition and dramatic departure, and through electronic intimacy and organic alienation, Hôy La’s music intervenes to force a shared trauma into the light, and sensuous ecstatic movement into your body.
Sofie Birch & Myggen
Sofie Birch & Myggen are a Copenhagen based power couple, engaged in music from head to toes. Since Sofie has long been a heavy weight figure on the international ambient scene, Myggen decided to go in the complete opposite direction as he started DJ’ing jungle and breakcore vinyls about a year ago.
Together, they will present to you a journey through the hazy soundscapes of synthesizers, field recordings and everything organic and dreamy.

Artwork by Finn Buchanan