B FROM E pres. Abduction #4 - Harvest Of Souls

B FROM E pres. Abduction #4 - Harvest Of Souls




Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 29th of June


23:59 to 08:00


120 DKK

In the shadows of our reality, a cosmic symphony plays a transcendental harmony only a few have heard. Legends speak of ethereal beings from a distant star system, who traverse galaxies, drawn by the resonance of human souls.
These aliens are not malevolent; they seek to harvest our souls to elevate them into a higher plane of existence, merging our essence with the celestial rhythms of the universe.

Join us for a night where the ordinary dissolves into the extraordinary. Step into a realm where pulsating beats blend seamlessly with celestial vibrations, guided by DJ Ibon, deOrbit, Crisco & Soft Bites and B FROM E.
Let the music take you beyond the confines of the mundane, into a state of euphoric transcendence.
Here, amidst the immersive light and sound, you will feel the touch of the Arcturians, beckoning your soul to dance among the stars.

Prepare to transcend. The harvest awaits. 🌌🎶👽

Remember your cute alien gear!

Line up:
// deOrbit
// DJ Ibon
// Crisco & Soft Bites

We believe partygoers, performers and staff are all entitled to an environment free from harassment, discriminatory behaviours, and exclusion.
We expect everyone to respect and commit to this policy:
- No physical contact without consent.
- No racism, homophobia, transphobia, or sexism.
- No leering, you may look, but don't stare.
- No phones or photos on the floor.
At Module we party with a common goal of creating a safer space for all. We welcome all genders, races, sexual orientations, all ages and sizes. We will not tolerate harassment of any form. Our staff are here for you, contact them at any time if you experience any kind of discomfort. Our mission is to create a clubbing experience wherein everyone feels safe, free, and included.
Stay hydrated and stay safe.
Dress code: Cute alien gear
Age + 20
Door. 120kr
After 06.00
Morgenfest 60kr

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