Helm’s Deep vol. 6 x Module presents: Kaufmann (DE) / Alan Murphy

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Helm’s Deep vol. 6 x Module presents: Kaufmann (DE) / Alan Murphy




Copenhagen, Denmark




Thursday 14th of December 2023


23:59 to 08:00


150 DKK

Friends, family and fellow ravers,

For the 6th edition, Helm’s Deep will take a giant leap towards the outer stratosphere of Copenhagen techno events. What started as an ugly duckling in the humble surroundings of a private residence at Nørrebrogade has grown into a beautiful swan flaunting its white feathers to the Copenhagen techno afficionados.

For the 6th edition, the Helm’s Deep crew has teamed up with Copenhagen’s #1 techno dungeon, Module, a setting resembling the Realm of Mordor.

For the 6th edition, Helm’s Deep is extremely proud to present the Queen of PsyTech, Kaufmann (DE), as the headline act, supported by the Minimal Tech magician, Alan Murphy.

Kaufmann’s trademark fusion of minimal and bouncy techno makes the Berlin-based artist with Hamburg roots unleash dance-crazed crowds weekend after weekend. A resident with the prolific Rebellion der Träumer crew and with gigs at Fusion Festival, Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos under her belt, Kaufmann will at this Helm’s Deep lead the armies of Men and Elves safely through the terrors of night and into the light.

Alan Murphy has been part of the international club scene since the turn of the millennium. His sound and style are best described as minimal and groovy with a pumping feel and energetic drive. His musical journey has taken him to USA, Lebanon, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, KitKat Club, Sisyphos and many more – but at this year’s Helm’s Deep, Alan will venture into Middle Earth together with the rest of you.

Kaufmann and Alan Murphy will be accompanied by Helm, in the Main booth.

In Kiosk, Emma Sø and Møltov will take good care of all the dancing hobbits fearing the Psy of Sauron in Main.

We believe partygoers, performers and staff are all entitled to an environment free from harassment, discriminatory behaviours, and exclusion.

We expect everyone to respect and commit to this policy:
- No physical contact without consent.
- No racism, homophobia, transphobia, or sexism.
- No leering, you may look, but don't stare.
- No videos or photos at the club.

At Module we party with a common goal of creating a safer space for all. We welcome all genders, races, sexual orientations, all ages and sizes. We will not tolerate harassment of any form. Our staff are here for you, contact them at any time if you experience any kind of discomfort. Our mission is to create a clubbing experience wherein everyone feels safe, free, and included.

Stay hydrated and stay safe.

Age + 20

Door. 150kr

after 06.00
Morgenfest 60kr