Checkmates "Open Air" at Jolene: Chess, Music, Food & Sun

Checkmates "Open Air" at Jolene: Chess, Music, Food & Sun




Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 6th of July


16:00 to 22:00



Join us at Jolene and in the courtyard of Kødbyen for Copenhagen’s hottest chess and music listening club, back for round 4. Casual chess play, live DJs, plant-based dahl and (hopefully) lots of sunshine 🌞

Music and chess together is pure magic. Come to listen to records, stay to play chess.

*Open Air*
As it's summer, we think it makes sense to enjoy the sun outside for Checkmates. That's why the DJs will be based open-air, out in the courtyard. Chess will still be happening inside and outside. If the weather is a bit crap, we will all just head indoors for some hygge.

*Vinyl DJ Selection*
Checkmates showcases a Copenhagen-based curation of DJs spinning records traversing through jazz, reggae, dub, hip-hop, downtempo, soul, disco, house, and everything in between.

*Casual Chess*
Play with friends, watch people play, or play with strangers. Tournament standard boards, but no competition (yet...). Time limit or no time limit, your call.

*Plant-Based Paella*
Fresh, hot, tasty food every Checkmates. Cheap, cheerful, and completely vegan. This time, covered by the incredible Ris Paella: https://www.instagram.com/rispaella

*Monthly At Jolene*
On the first Saturday of every month at Jolene, you can find Checkmates between 16:00 and 21:00. Come and enjoy incredible music, chess, and great food.

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