FELT x VSA Pres. DJ Voices, Jinsu & Perko

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FELT x VSA Pres. DJ Voices, Jinsu & Perko


Felt and Ved Siden Af


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 8th of July


23:59 to 08:00


125 DKK

FELT brings their party to Ved Siden Af for the first time, featuring DJ Voices, booker and resident at celebrated Brooklyn club Nowadays. They will be joined in the booth downstairs all night by local legend Jinsu, and FELT founder Perko.

DJ Voices (US) she/her

Jinsu (KR/DK)

Perko (CPH) he/him

125 DKK
80 DKK after 06:00

Please note: We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance with no explanation.

- Don’t assume pronouns (she/he/they/it +), always ask first.
- Don’t get too intoxicated, know your limits!
- No pictures or videos of any kind inside the club.
- No racism, homophobia, transphobia or sexism.
- No phones on our dancefloors.
- No touching without asking and no means NO!
- No leering, you may look, but don't stare.

It is our goal that anyone visiting our club, regardless of sexuality, gender, outfit (or lack thereof), body type or ethnicity feels safe and included.
This is a big task to handle all by ourselves, so we kindly ask everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for bad and inappropriate behavior around the club. If you see or experience any harassment and/or unwanted attention, please DO NOT hesitate to contact any of our staff or security with your issue.
Our guests' comfort and well-being is our highest priority and no issue is too small for us to take seriously.
If the discomfort is real to you, it is real to us.

Consent is the basis of all positive human interactions. In a club setting, consent is a voluntary agreement between two or more people to enjoy a moment together. Unfortunately, we humans are not always very good at expressing our needs and desires. Luckily, there is a very easy solution to this: Respectful and open dialogue. Be it conversation, dance, physical contact, consumption or sexual activites - always be sure, that the other person participates with consent. If you are in doubt, just ask. Asking for consent is cool and awe-inspiring.

At VSA we strive to create a safer space, and if you cannot take care of yourself, you are making the space less safe. We need you to be as mindful of your own safety, as you are mindful of the safety of your fellow raver. Please think about what you consume and how much. If you feel unwell or notice anybody who might have had too much, don’t hesitate to contact our safety crew. Also, we would like to point out that illegal drugs are as illegal inside the club as outside the club.

Our space is a place for freedom of expression without the all-seeing eye of social media, therefore photos and videos are not allowed inside our space. Due to this, we demand that everyone leave all cameras, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc. in the wardrobe. Breaking this rule will result in an early trip home.
Furthermore, if you are on the dance floor, please refrain from activity on your phone, we created the dance floor for dancing, not for updating yourself on your latest Facebook feed or checking out your new Tinder matches. If you need to use your phone, please go do it in the lobby, lounge or at least not in the middle of a moving floor. It kills the vibe.

VSA’s Safer Space Ambassadors are present at the club in the busy hours to make sure that everybody is having a good time. They are professionals trained to deal with problematic situations related to all of the above points. They are wearing black T-shirts with the Ved Siden Af logo and ‘safer space’ written to mark them. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you experience something unpleasant or have questions.

We welcome all sexualities.
We welcome all ethnicities.
We welcome all genders.

All we ask is that you respect your fellow dancer and enjoy RIGHT NOW