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Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 7th of October


22:00 to 05:00


90 - 150 DKK

Derriere Massive proudly presents the legendary Cornelius Ferguson, a.k.a. Traxman. Traxman hails from the West Side of Chicago and is one of the longest-serving producers of DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn's Teklife Crew. Producing tracks from house to footwork his releases stretches back to the glory days of ghetto house in the nineties.

A living encyclopedia of Chicago dance music and culture, Traxman is the founder of the TEKK DJZ crew and has recorded with powerhouse labels like Dance Mania, Planet Mu, Moveltraxx, Dizzy Tunes Chi Wax, Litcity Trax, Booty Tune, Booty Call Records, Raw Wax, and many more. His unique brand of footwork is deeply rooted in Chicago's history of soul, funk, house, and ghetto influenced music. He's a veteran and renowned crate digger who has provided samples for many of house, juke, and footwork's classic tracks over the years.

As a timeless innovator, Traxman´s raw and unique approach to producing elevates the sound of house, chicago footwork, and juke music and makes him one of the city's most versatile and skilled DJs and producers but also a torchbearer for the legacy of black music in electronic dance culture, generously teaching those who comes after him.

As a DJ Traxman´s sets take the dance floor on a futuristic trip, cruising through the history of Chicago, time-stop-start, half-time to double-speed , as well as his unique ability to connect with a crowd, making his sets unforgettable and elevating.

Traxman´s latest release “PUMPIN THE BASS ONCE MORE” is out now on Moveltraxx: https://thelegendarytraxman.bandcamp.com/album/mtxlt733-pumpin-da-bass-once-more-ep

Traxman on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/traxman-2?fbclid=IwAR25BwHQ_6ayLCK37k9aNy3dFF3iO-qq588l_jiyXFSewMfFJ2jmVl-MTvQ

Derriere Massive is a newly found Copenhagen based dj-crew with a no holds barred mission to bring raw, ghetto-influenced, fast paced and wonky fanny-packed clubtracks to the masses.

Expect anything from ghettohouse, electro, footwork, bass, jungle, garage, uk-funky, donk and fked-up disco edits or any other genre that will hype up the crowd into a freakfest-frenzy.

MAIN ROOM: ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ
♛ TRAXMAN (us/chicago)
♛ Cayootee
♛ Derriere Massive
- Dj Dopamina
- Fap the Producer
- Dj From the Back


♛ Dj Milo
♛ Dr. Dextro

Ticket sales:

Early bird DKK 90,-
Pre-sale DKK 120,-
Standard admission DKK 150,-
Minimum age: 18+

Address: Motopol, Laplandsgade 6b, 2300 København

We seek to embrace all people; regardless of sexuality, gender, appearance, ethnicity, religion, and overall diversity. These are guidelines for how we interact with one another, and must be handheld throughout by all guests. If not respected, we remain the right to kick anyone out of the party, and furthermore, report it