Techno Yoga X Pillars of Creation X Motopol [SOLD OUT]

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Techno Yoga X Pillars of Creation X Motopol [SOLD OUT]




Copenhagen, Denmark


Thursday 9th of November 2023


19:00 to 21:00


125 DKK

Techno Yoga X Pillars of Creation X Motopol 💫💫💫

Prepare for an immersive yoga experience into the infinite exploration of the self in a techno vinyasa yoga flow. A 1 hour session that brings you into your body at the community-based Venue, Motopol. This session will feature two artists, Will Zawistowski and Yaël Pool to bring you into the Pillars of Creation. Space and its ever expanding infinite nature will be reflected through the creative flow and the melodic and spacey nature of the techno vibrations, created by Natasha. The event will take place on 9th of November from 19 🪐

“The constant flow and palpitation of the room are steady, like a heartbeat. These pillars mark a place to return to if feeling overwhelmed, a pre-existing and ever-changing place within all of us. Through the curated sound of techno, the space, the teacher and the artists will guide you in a creative sequence inspired by the art and the connection to our inner pillars, our inner foundation. Amid movement, light and connection, the opportunity to tune into the expansiveness of unison is created” - Will & Yaël

Natasha is your guide ( @technoyogagirl ). A teacher inspired to create connection and community and expand performance outside of traditional boundaries. She is a certified yoga teacher and you are welcome to reach out to her with any questions about the flow. She is currently based in Amsterdam and spreading the Techno Yoga community and collaborating with artists and venue spaces to create a new space for people to connect. 🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

Will Zawistowski (they/them) - visual artist based in Copenhagen, recently showcased their artwork at Roskilde Festival, Den Frie Udstilling, Planetarium CPH, Den Anden Side and more. They focus mainly on creating art installations with new media elements, designing 2D/3D motion visuals for live events and VJ’ing alongside performing artists, as well as designing stage lighting for various types of events. Will’s work is a combination of abstract art style and norm-questioning approach, event’s nature and project’s resources. You can check their work on their website: https://www.will-visualcrafts.com

Yaël Pool is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, and community organizer based in Malmö, Sweden. Their creative work centers queer expressions and trans-utopian visions of community, interdependence, and care. Drawing inspiration from Jewish sci-fi, Afrofuturism, and Palestinian liberationism, their work lies grounded in the exploration of intergenerational, diasporic healing, and the unfolding of mixed-migrant, racialized identities. They are currently exploring expansiveness and community intersections through immersive soundscapes ✨

Motopol is a community-based space for cultural activities, creativity, diversity, collaborations and much more. The space has hosted 2 yoga events now and is happy to present their third. The address is Laplansgade 6b, through the alley and into the courtyard 👽👽👽

Tickets can be purchased here: https://daisyyoga.ticketbutler.io/e/techno-yoga-x-pillars-of-creation-x-motopol ‼️ (Tickets sell out fast, so get in advance!!)

The flow is for all levels of yoga. Please bring your own mat and some water. (If by chance you do not have a mat or cannot borrow one, you can write privately to @technoyogagirl to request one beforehand, but do so quickly as these ones are limited). ‼️

This collaboration was created to emphasize the importance of sharing space, creating pillars of connection and resilience whilst nurturing mindfulness on how we move through the world with one another 🧡

We hope to see you for Techno Yoga X Pillars of Creation X Motopol! 💫

Disclaimer: The tickets are not to be refunded, however you may try to sell your ticket in case of illness or you simply cannot attend.
Please communicate if you have had any previous injuries and be mindful of your own limits during your practice.