Barefoot Records Labelfest at Xenon - day 3

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Barefoot Records Labelfest at Xenon - day 3


Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 2nd of July


19:30 to 23:30


50 - 300 DKK

HUSET, ALICE and Barefoot Records present:


Look forward to get inspired, touched, surprised and challenged, when the artist-collective Barefoot Records for the 13th year in a row invites to a small exclusive festival inside the Copenhagen Jazz Festival the 30th of June- 2nd of July.
The programme consists of some of the most interesting artists from the European scene for improvised music, with international guests, award-winning groups, new meetings and compositional experiments.
For the first time the festival will be hosted in Denmark’s first culture house Huset i Magstræde placed in the heart of Copenhagen, which is the perfect frame to open up your ears with a beer in your hand. Most of the concerts will take place at Xenon on the 4th floor of Huset and they will be accompanied by visual experiments. Just outside in the foyer you will sit just next to the musicians absorbing the acoustic sounds.
Barefoot Records was founded in 2006 and has been called “one of the most interesting labels in Danish jazz” by All About Jazz. The collective consists of 8 musicians from Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden, which have together released 70 albums so far.
“Barefoot Records have long been a label that celebrates the boundless wonders of jazz. Continually championing artists and encouraging them to step outside of the box in a bid to provide fascinating new perspectives on what constitutes jazz in the 21st century.” - Blue In Green Radio 2021.

19.30 Doors
20.00 Meinild/Anderskov/Tom
21.15 STAMP
22.30 Barefoot Records All Star Band

Tickets sold in the door
100 dkkr 1 concert
200 dkkr 3 concerts/all day-ticket
300 dkkr Partout
--> 50% off for studens


This trio sets out to win your hearts with inventive, open music.
Over the past 10 years, Kasper Tom has made his name on the European
improv- and advantgarde-scene. Kasper's music draw inspiration from modern composition, but is also imbued with a great deal of melancholy and a unique sense of melody.
Jacob Anderskov has released close to 20 albums as a leader and co-leader since his debut in 2001. He has received numerous awards and has been acclaimed by the international press as a great voice in contemporary music. His work ranges from improvised works in small groups to fully composed pieces for larger ensembles.
Sven Dam Meinild is a musical octopus. Moving effortlessly in most musical settings from balkan over pop music to avantgarde jazz, he is a crucial part of bands like Guldimund and Ocean Fanfare.

Kasper Tom (dr)
Sven Dam Meinild, sax
Jacob Anderskov (pno)


The quintet setting around Bern based pianist Stefan Schultze and Berlin based saxophonist Peter Ehwald with its traditional form trumpet and tenor plus piano trio is a homage to Jazz itself and yet at the same time creates a context which demands reformulation and recalibration. Both leaders developed music that leaves maximal space for communication in a limited but dearly loved musical frame. No over-information - the composition formulate the most important terms for the ensemble to create improvisatorial moments - directly and emotional. Tomasz Dabrowski and Peter Ehwald are two very different exiting soloists who are constantly highlighting contrapuntal nuances. To hear the piano trio with Stefan Schultze and Andreas Lang (b) and Moritz Baumgärtner (dr) filling the space in this music is both thrilling and surprising.



Barefoot Records All Stars

Improvisation – Communication – Experiments – Textures – Presence – Harmonies – Spectralities – Beauty – Expression – Rawness – Softness – Curiosity – Exploration – Resonance - Timbre

The 8 strong voices of Barefoot Records finish off their three-day label festival uniting in an All Star Band. Come to experience improvisers from the heart of the Danish avantgarde jazz-scene exchanging sounds in new compositions.

Maria Dybbroe [DK]- saxophones & clarinets
Sven Dam Meinild [DK]- saxophones & clarinets
Caroline Goodwyn [IE] - saxophones & clarinets
Henrik Olsson [SE] - guitar
Nana Pi [DK] - tenor sax
Kasper Tom [DK] - drums
Tomasz Dąbrowski [PL] - trumpet
Håkon Berre [NO] – drums, objects, electronic


The concerts are supported by Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Komponist Forening and Koda’s Cultural Funds.