numBeats: Gene On Earth / J. Andre & Hetty / Crisco / Téa / Cirkeline / Favør

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numBeats: Gene On Earth / J. Andre & Hetty / Crisco / Téa / Cirkeline / Favør


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 24th of March


22:00 to 08:00


120 / 150 DKK

Gene On Earth comes to Culture Box!

🎟 120 / 150 DKK
Buy tickets: https://ra.co/events/1652989
🍹First drink/beer for free the first open hour.

numBeats throw their first party with the California-born, Berlin based producer who released his second album "Time On The Vine" on his own Limousine Dream label last year featuring touches of techno and drum & bass to his sun-soaked house. Gene has conquered the underground on his own terms with a focus on the tunes and his DIY ethos - not the showmanship. Residents at numBeats and Det Gode Selskab, the Norwegian duo J. Andre & Hetty opens in Black Box with Crisco on closing duty. Red Box sees a trio of Téa, Cirkeline and Favør sharing the bill all night.

Black Box lineup: numBeats
Gene On Earth / J. Andre & Hetty / Crisco

Red Box lineup:
Téa / Cirkeline / Favør

🎧 Go explore!

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