Concrete Jungle x Den Anden Side presents: Djinn (UK)

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Concrete Jungle x Den Anden Side presents: Djinn (UK)


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 31st of March


23:59 to 09:00


150 DKK

Once again Concrete Jungle returns to the smoky rooms of Den Anden Side. As always, we are pleased to deliver a night with a spicy sound of jungle, drum ’n’ bass and beyond.

We have invited some of our favorite local and international acts and it is our honor to present you:

DJINN (UK) (she/her) (Rupture, Formless)
2000F (he/him) (Strøm, Ohoi!)
ODD HARMONICS (he/him) (Alphacut Records)
FUNKY TUNA (SE) (she/her) (Øka Malmö)
RMZ (he/him) (Concrete Jungle)

Artwork by Martin Petrov

150 DKK - including wardrobe
80 DKK after 06:00
Age: 21+

Come early, stay all night!

Please note:
We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance with no explanation.

We strive to make Den Anden Side a Safer Space. When you enter our space, you agree to being completely in sync with our rules and values. Please familiarise yourself with our house rules before entering the club, and reflect on whether you can support and follow them.
We do not accept any discrimination, exclusion, harassment, or physical or verbal or violence. This includes queerphobia, sexism, racism ableism, bodyshaming, bullying, intimidation, sexual misconduct, transphobia and more.

Den Anden Side is queer at heart, and so are our values. Every night, we facilitate a safer space and place of belonging for marginalized people and the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are not part of these communities, please be extra mindful of how you take up space. We always balance the crowd to create the vibe we want, so we reserve the right to reject people at the door without explanation.

Our awareness team is present at the club every weekend. You can recognise them by their shirts that say “SAFER SPACE”. They are professionals trained to deal with sensitive and urgent situations of any kind. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. Your feeling of safety and well-being is our highest priority and no issue is too small for us to take seriously. If the experience is real to you, it is real to us.

Consent is the foundation of interaction in our space. Whether it’s conversation, dance, physical contact, consumption or sexual activities — we expect everyone to ensure that it’s happening with consent and respect for your own and others’ boundaries.

If you cannot take care of yourself, you are making the space less safe. We need you to be just as mindful of your own safety as you are of your fellow dancers’. If you feel unwell or are worried about another guest, don’t hesitate to contact our awareness team.

Den Anden Side is a place for freedom of expression without the all-seeing eye of social media. Therefore, photos and videos are not allowed inside our space. Please refrain from using your phone on the dance floor. We created the dance floor for dancing.

Be aware that we use flashing lights and loud sound, and that it can get hot and crowded inside the club. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible with a wheelchair.

Please show respect to the Palads building and the area around it. Do not leave any empty bottles or trash in the area or do any form of vandalism to the building or the surroundings. We also ask everyone not to hang around the area after the club closes, as we want to maintain a good relationship with the cinema and not disturb their guests.


We welcome all sexualities.
We welcome all ethnicities.
We welcome all genders.

All we ask is that you respect your fellow dancer and enjoy RIGHT NOW.

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