Søstre i Trance - Soup Of The Night @ Den Anden Side

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Søstre i Trance - Soup Of The Night @ Den Anden Side


Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 22nd of April at 23:59


Sunday 23rd of April at 09:00


150 DKK

Søstre i Trance presents Søstre på Klubben.

Old and new forces invites you to come join us in the cave realm of Den Anden Side. There’s gonna be thrown some crooked spells while we included talented locals and DJs from abroad who’s gonna serve you Soup of The Night.


Chozen Jo (UK) she/her

Charris (BE) she/her

Filen (DK) she/her

Lucy Headburn (DK) she/her

Matriark (DK) she/her

Artwork by Filen & Idun

150 DKK - including wardrobe
80 DKK after 06:00

Age: 21+
Come early, stay late!

Please note:
We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance with no explanation.

- Respect the vibe and contribute to it.
- Don't assume gender or pronouns.
- No discriminatory language or actions of any kind.
-‍ Educate yourself and check your privilege.
- No pictures or videos of any kind inside the club.‍
- Dancefloor is for dancing; Don’t have loud conversations or use your phones.
- Ask for consent and respect each other’s boundaries.
- Don’t stare at or approach other guests non-consensually.
- Take care of yourself and each other, and consume responsively.
- The playroom is for intimate and consensual play only.
We care about our guests' safety and their ability to express themselves free from judgment or unwanted attention.
We make asking for consent a hard rule and do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment, or physical or verbal violence.
Please be aware of the space and event you are entering, the space you are taking up, and how your presence will influence the vibe and the other guests.
We expect that everyone who wishes to enter Den Anden Side has knowledge about the event which is happening and has familiarised themselves with our house rules. We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance, and we prioritise queers, marginalised people. Please respect a no if you get rejected, and remember that it is not a personal attack on you! When we are close to full capacity, we always prioritise our regulars.
Everyone should have the right to be without fear of being captured by camera. Therefore photos and videos are not allowed inside our space, and we cover your camera with stickers before you enter. Removing these at the club is not allowed.
All we ask is that you respect your fellow dancer and enjoy RIGHT NOW
Our awareness team is present at the club every weekend. You can recognise them by their bright green shirts that say “AWARENESS”. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If you are unable to locate the awareness team, the other staff can call them for you.
Consent is the foundation of interaction in our space. Whether it’s conversation, dance, physical contact, consumption, or sexual activities — we expect everyone to ensure that it’s happening with consent. No means no.
We need you to be just as mindful of your own safety as you are of your fellow dancers.
If you feel unwell or you’re worried about another guest, don’t hesitate to contact our awareness team.
There is no shame in asking for help!
Be aware that we use flashing lights and loud sound, and that it can get hot and crowded inside the club. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible with a wheelchair. If you have a concern or questions about accessibility or facilities, please reach out to us in DM.
Protect your ears. Earplugs can be bought in the bar.
First aid supplies can be found in the bar or by contacting our awareness team.

Den Anden Side is always in constant development, and your experiences at the club are important for us to be aware of so we can improve. We are not infallible, and neither is our club’s policy, staff, management, or events.
As a large nightclub, it's hard to keep track of everyone's experiences, but if we get a complaint via email, we will always take it seriously and act on it.
During the night, it is important that you get in touch with our awareness team if you experience anything uncomfortable, but we acknowledge that this approach is difficult in some cases. If you have any complaints afterward about how the situation was handled, or if you want to report an incident, please contact the management at awareness@denandenside.com
For general feedback about the club, you can reach us at contact@denandenside.com
We strive to always get back to you within 14 days, and if needed, go then go into further dialogue with the involved parties about how we can solve the issue or contribute with help or actions in other ways.

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