Xavier Bonfill - 2x2x2 release concert

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Xavier Bonfill - 2x2x2 release concert


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 14th of June


19:00 to 23:00


50 / 100 DKK

Xavier Bonfill - 2x2x2 Release Party
Date: June 14, 2024
Venue: Tofu Space, Copenhagen
Time: Doors open at 19:00, live performance starts at 20:00
Tickets: 50 DKK (100 DKK incl. cassette)

Join us for a unique musical experience with Xavier Bonfill, one of the most exciting and innovative voices in the contemporary music scene. Xavier is celebrating the release of his new EP, '2x2x2', with a release concert at the intimate Tofu Space in Copenhagen.

About the release '2x2x2':
"2x2 is, in itself, a riddle. Two performers play a middle C, over and over, on the instrument of their own choice. The instrumental sound is extended through the use of live electronics, exploring repetition, variation, texture, and counterpoint. Originally commissioned by Christian Tscherning (trombone) and Jason Alder (bass clarinet), the piece has since been performed in various instrument combinations since its 2020 premiere. Always new, yet always recognizable.

To honor its many sides, I decided to present it in a studio recording with not one but two different versions, back-to-back. The 2x versions included in this release are especially contrasting. They invite us to explore the inherent dichotomy of the piece. Something akin to a developed picture and its negative. There is no need to choose a side."

Special Guest: Fei Nie
Review from Inverted Audio:
"With two tracks of pristine contemplation at the core of this framework, Bonfill explores dark ambient soundscapes, accompanied by a group of avantgarde musicians" - Read more here

About Xavier Bonfill:
Xavier Bonfill, a Catalan composer and performer based in Denmark, is known for his use of contrasts, duality, and contradictions in his music. His works combine experimental, ambient, electronic, and deconstructed pop genres, creating a unique form of abstract storytelling. Xavier's live performances offer intense and intimate experiences, where technology and human emotion blend into captivating narratives.

The Record Label Don't Look Back:
Don't Look Back Records is dedicated to releasing innovative music that pushes the boundaries of what music can be.

Come and be part of this special evening where music, art, and technology meet in a fascinating symbiosis. Experience '2x2x2' live and let yourself be carried away by Xavier Bonfill's hypnotic sound universe.

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