Open Call for DJs: DEZO / TINDRA / Dancing on Lego / Mousan Corr / Thiim / Empty Minds / ΠΛΤΤ / MLE

Open Call for DJs: DEZO / TINDRA / Dancing on Lego / Mousan Corr / Thiim / Empty Minds / ΠΛΤΤ / MLE


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 28th of June


22:00 to 08:00


165 DKK

Come show your support of the community and new talents on our flourishing scene.

🎟 Buy tickets: https://ra.co/events/1901236
🍹First drink/beer for free the first open hour.

Black Box lineup:
DEZO / TINDRA / Dancing on Lego / Mousan Corr / Thiim

Red Box lineup:
Empty Minds / ΠΛΤΤ / MLE / Vanpana

Once again we reached out to the electronic music community with an Open Call for DJs offering new artists a chance to play at our venue for the very first time. All electronic music genres welcomed! 140+ mixes were submitted. 9 were picked to play this time around. We salute DEZO, TINDRA, Dancing on Lego, Mousan Corr, Thiim, Empty Minds, ΠΛΤΤ, MLE and Vanpana.

Attitude Code
Our mission is to be a home for everyone who wish to explore a curiosity for electronic music, and to create an atmosphere of respect and kindness. Help us create a safe environment, bringing your best attitude. Please align yourself with the following:

- We care how our actions impact others.
- We show enjoyment of the music, while being mindful of our surroundings.
- We always check for consent and respect each other's boundaries (no unwanted attention, no staring, no touching).

Our Safer Space crew and security team are trained to monitor for behaviour that could make others feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and have been instructed to stop this kind of behaviour. We operate a zero tolerance policy to any form of harassment. If you are made to feel uncomfortable please notify our Safer Space Crew or any other member of staff, we are all trained to help you.

Read more about our policy and training here: https://culture-box.com/attitude-code/

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