For Haus' Sake w/ Niki Sadeki ::: Module

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For Haus' Sake w/ Niki Sadeki ::: Module




Copenhagen, Denmark




Saturday 22nd of April 2023


23:55 to 08:00


120 DKK

After the astounding success of our event back in January, with a spectacular vibe from start to end in every little inch of the club (if you were there, you know!), we are thrilled to invite you to a new round of For Haus' Sake at Module.

This time, it's all about timing and planets aligning correctly, so that we finally have the chance to invite an artist from across the Atlantic Ocean that we have had on our radar for a few summers already: Niki Sadeki!

Vancouver-based but world-admired, Niki's signature sound has less to do with genre and more to do with isolating a mood, and building up different currents around it. Her love for selecting and spreading these moods has seen her found Deep House Vancouver, join the Quetame label ranks, and curate Souq Record’s glistening annual compilation, Mirror for the Sun. In summer months, she is often to be seen touring in Europe, and has left a mark at places like Fusion Festival, Kater Blau, Woomoon Ibiza, Do Not Sit on the Furniture and more. If you have met her along the way, have listened to her sets or to her new Layers EP, out on Kamai Music, you will be as thrilled as we are.

Our residents tadoh and ANNÆLIX will take care of take-off and landing, making sure to set that unique For Haus' Sake vibe that accompanies our events.

The Kiosk runs at a faster pace tonight, with Steamboi b2b Anja Pi all night long.

● ● • • Line-up • • ● ●

❖ Niki Sadeki
[Kamai Musi // Quetame Records]
{She/her - CA}

❖ tadoh
[For Haus' Sake // Mystic Tales]
{He/him - KBH}

[Folkets Haus // For Haus' Sake]
{She/her - DK}

❖ Steamboi b2b Anja Pi
[Meracat Collective]
{He/she/they & she/her - Kbh}
http://soundcloud.com/steamboi/emma-schack-culture-box & https://soundcloud.com/anja_pi
https://www.facebook.com/steamboi.dj & https://www.facebook.com/DJAnjaPi

| Artwork: tadoh |

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We expect everyone to respect and commit to this policy:
- No physical contact without consent.
- No racism, homophobia, transphobia, or sexism.
- No leering, you may look, but don't stare.
- No phones or photos on the floor.

At Module we party with a common goal of creating a safer space for all. We welcome all genders, races, sexual orientations, all ages and sizes. We will not tolerate harassment of any form. Our staff are here for you, contact them at any time if you experience any kind of discomfort. Our mission is to create a clubbing experience wherein everyone feels safe, free, and included.
Stay hydrated and stay safe.

Age: 20+
Door: 130 kr