Pure Echo: Deniro / Arvy / ISSA / Tino B2B Riesenfeld / Pana Radio: Dirty Plates / JAM T B2B LURKIE

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Pure Echo: Deniro / Arvy / ISSA / Tino B2B Riesenfeld / Pana Radio: Dirty Plates / JAM T B2B LURKIE


Copenhagen, Denmark




Friday 14th of June


22:00 to 08:00


165 DKK

Deniro from Amsterdam headlines for Copenhagen techno collective Pure Echo. Pana Radio take their community project to Red Box all night long.

🎟 Buy tickets: https://ra.co/events/1918235
🍹First drink/beer for free the first open hour.

Black Box lineup: Pure Echo
Deniro / Arvy / ISSA / Tino B2B Riesenfeld

Red Box lineup: Pana Radio
Dirty Plates / JAM T B2B LURKIE / Stonsterr B2B Oktober30

Deniro has been gradually emerging from the Dutch techno scene as one of the most exciting artists in Europe. His music, markedly emotional and with roots in Detroit inspired soul music, reflects over 15 years of isolation exploring his vintage machinery to then appear in the catalogues of labels such as трип, TOKEN records, Dekmantel or Tape Records Amsterdam of which he is heavily bounded. But it is also in the booth that he has proved to be an excellent sound architect, with sets that go beyond genres and whose contagious groove irrevocably binds us to the dance floor.

ISSA, Tino, Riesenfeld and Pure Echo resident Arvy support in Black Box. Pana Radio take over the basement floor with Dirty Plates, JAM T, LURKIE, Stonsterr and Oktober30. Exciting night incoming!

🎧 Go explore!

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