DIGESTION: 'Invisible yet omnipresent'

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DIGESTION: 'Invisible yet omnipresent'


Copenhagen, Denmark


Art, Film, Talk


Wednesday 17th of April


16:30 to 18:00


30 DKK

FOOD WASTE. What happens to it when it leaves our eyesight? How are cities and villages designed to get rid of it? And how can we optimize its reuse? Thinking in terms of digestion means thinking in terms of connections.

Join us for a conversation centring on food waste and urban metabolisms, and hear about what happens to food waste - from packaging to peel. How are cities and villages designed to eliminate waste, and how can we redesign and reuse it? Can waste be used as a building material?

Waste is the future.

16:30: Welcome by CAFx

16:35: Introduction to film by elii and Maria Jerez (online/zoom)

16:50: Film - DIGESTION EPISODE / Cannibal Carnival (14.15’)Episode five / Digestion—Ca.Ca. (Cannibal Carnival)
Elii (Uriel Fogué, Carlos Palacios, Eva Gil) + María Jerez
When we eat, we are not the only ones involved in the process of digestion. The UN estimates that around 17% of the food we produce ends up in the bin. Here, alongside the by-products of our own digestive processes, our leftovers begin an invisible journey, wending their way through the underground bowels of our cities. It is in these hidden places that the contracts between urban spaces and the ecologies that sustain them are established. This episode delves into the invisible journey taken by our food when we discard it as waste. We will explore the intricate, often hidden infrastructures that manage and metabolise these materials, revealing the complex entanglements of urban and ecological systems underpinning our daily lives.‍

17:05: Performance - Tusca 7 (compost canteen, site-specific compost installation)

17:15-18:00: Conversation

Phil Ayres, Professor at The Royal Danish Academy
Taryn Cullen Humphrey, Gehl
Anne lerche, Managing director of BioSolution

Moderator: Enlai Hooi

The event is part of the FOODSCAPES event program.
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